on belief in , god

Something has gone terribly wrong with Christianity in the west. A trend away from traditional religion, presumably brought about by the enlightenment, and perhaps the logical result of the reformation, has shrunk the church down to a bitter concentrate and rendered it helpless. A result of this is the prevalence of a hyper-traditionalism within the church. This hyper-traditionalism exists mostly as a cultural traditionalism, focusing on social dogmas rather than theological dogmas. The Christian of today has little need for theology or traditional ethics, biblical literacy has been substituted for a social literacy that functions in a strikingly similar way to left-leaning progressive ideology. This is the direct result of would-be theologians and christian thinkers becoming dissafected by the cultural requirements that western Christianity currently imposes. Creative minds aren’t likely to survive the litmus test of not being able to listen to Juice WRLD as a teenager before gaining the theological insight to write a commentary on Michael Servatus’ Restitutio Christianity. In response to this lack of theological insight within the church, a new god emerges, an easy to understand god, an American god, a god whose commands are arbitrary, and a god who can be fine tuned to the politics of the time (even if the fine tuning is done to oppose the politics of the time). This conception of god is best demonstrated by the type of music written about him, uninteresting. if music is meant to reflect the glory of god then the christian music of our time certainly reflects the so called god of our time, which is no god at all but a cultural roadblock to any sort of connection to God’s true divine nature. Ironically, the mainstream cultural mood at present while antithetical to religion, (and this culture includes progressive churches) is actively searching for god. Without the structure of an actual system of beliefs however, god has become a ghost, an event to “experience” while high, but not a cure for the burden of man’s soul. It is only through a rediscovery of God that the church will be able to recover from this landscape.